Be the Change.

Linda Walbruch (D) 25A – Minnesota House of Representatives

You can trust me to listen, to welcome your ideas, and to be a tireless learner. As your representative, I will be a strong ally that advocates for the essential needs of our communities. Please, join me in this effort to move Minnesota forward.


There is no better investment than in our children, our future. I will be an advocate for:

  • low-class size
  • increasing the number of school counselors
  • closing the achievement gap
  • adequate, stable, and equitable funding
  • a college tuition freeze and a plan for debt forgiveness

Community Needs

Who better knows the needs of our community than you. I pledge to listen, have an open mind and bring a problem-solving approach to the table. Let’s start with transportation, fair taxation, and support for our community services and small businesses.

Women’s and Workers’ Rights

It’s time for:

  • a working and equitable wage
  • paid child care leave
  • job training

Health and Human Services

Hubert Humphrey talked about the test of government. We can pass this test and provide:

  • affordable health insurance
  • funding for senior care centers
  • affordable housing
  • sufficient funding for our VA


My dad grew up on a small farm, one of eleven children. I am committed to:

  • tax Reform
  • providing essential broadband
  • promoting best practices
  • labeling of neonic treated seeds


Thoreau said, “In wildness is the preservation of our world”. We must continue to:

  • monitor the quality of our air, soil, and water
  • provide wildlife habitat
  • fund sustainable energy

I’m asking you to join this campaign’s circle and move Minnesota forward. We can be the change!