Be the Change.

Meet Linda Walbruch (D)

John-LindaI am a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a daughter, a teacher at heart and your neighbor.  My husband, John and I have lived in Mantorville for 33 years.  We met in high school and have been going steady ever since. John is looking forward to being my campaign manager.  He thinks it will be a chance to give me directives. Sarah, our daughter, and her husband, Chad, are both teachers in the St. Paul School District.

They have blessed us with two grandchildren, Jason, 12 and Lilly, 9.  My dad is 92 and a WWII veteran. Although he will never admit to having anything to do with my entering politics, he always told me to make myself useful.

In June 2015, I retired from the Kasson-Mantorville School District after 40 years of teaching.  As a gift from my colleagues, I was given a walking stick. I would have never imaged that I would be using this walking stick on the campaign trail. My life has always been about our children, their education, and our future. Now, it is time to take my commitment to the next level and be a voice that represents our children and their needs in the MN legislature.

When we can provide adequate funding from birth through college, lower class size, close the achievement gap, and provide educational equity in funding for our public schools, we will know we are on the right trail.

I am a strong supporter of women’s rights. When we ensure women as well as men, health care, paid childcare leave and a working, equitable wage, we will know, we are on the right trail. As Hillary Clinton said, “when we shortchange women, we shortchange families and we shortchange our nation”.

And we must NOT shortchange our 121.6 million veterans, men and women who have served our country. As I’ve sought help for my dad, I’ve become increasingly aware that our VA system is understaffed. Understaffed in my mind translates as underfunded. I will support our legislators who are working hard to change that.

Lil and MeProtecting the environment will be an essential part of my platform.  This summer, Jason and I backpacked Isle Royale and Lil and I spent time on the Gunflint.   Like Henry David Thoreau said, “in wildness is the preservation of the world”.

My grandfather immigrated to this country from Germany in 1900. He and my grandmother raised 11 children on a small family farm north of Millville. I am committed to supporting today’s farmers and their effort to remain on the land. We all know the best food is homegrown. My grandfather would never have imagined the pressing need for high quality, affordable internet!

Paul StoneWhen we have a shared vision, we can find solutions to complex problems. Paul Wellstone said, “That every campaign, to be successful, has to start out with a circle of people who believe”. I’m asking you to believe, to join this campaign’s circle. I’m asking you to attend your precinct caucus in March, to endorse me as your candidate, and to honor me with your vote in the fall of 2016.  I promise that I will do my best to represent the needs of our young people and our community.  With your help, a good walking stick, and a trail map for change, we will move Minnesota FORWARD. We will Be the Change that we want to see!

As a teacher of 40 years, my life has been devoted to our children, their education, and our future. I’m excited about the opportunity to bring my expertise and commitment to the MN House of Representatives. You can trust me to listen, to welcome your ideas, and to be a tireless learner. As your representative, I will be a strong ally that advocates for the essential needs of our communities. Please, join me in this effort to move Minnesota forward. Explore our website to find additional ways that you can support our campaign. There would be no greater honor than to be your representative in the MN House.